Thursday, 17 January 2008


handmade plush pug by GingerMonkey

I want to say a big thank you to the lovely and extremly talented GingerMonkey for making the adorable little pug dog that I requested in exchange for one of my bracelets. Its for my mother's birthday next month. (please don't tell daddy) The pug is great and I know that my mother will love it. Below is the sketch I did to explain what I wanted and I coulden't have asked for a better end product, seeing as I can't sew to save my life and GM is uber talented at softie making. So if you haven't been please go have a peep at GingerMonkey 's blog and her etsy shop too.. and while you are there have a peep at my shop too!

my pug sketch

Today I have also been hard at work creating two garnet bracelets for Dior my very first order! Which I'm quiet excited about even if its not through my shop. I hope she likes them. Off to go take H to the library and get some packaging to keep the bracelets safe when I send them out.

three strand garnet bracelet

both bracelets together


Katy said...

oh, thank you honey. You've made me blush :)
I love those bracelets for Dior (obviously, they're like mine, which is on my wrist right this minute!!!)

laurie said...

Beautiful bracelets. Defo be in touch when birthday's coming up !

Mr Pug looks very happy on his blankie ...

AnnieB said...

love the pug, love the bracelets. What a talented pair you are!

Frizbe said...

Pug is fab :-) bracelets are too :-) agree with annieb

Suzanne Vaughan said...

Thanks Meridian - they are totally beautiful. You are a star, and very talented!

I can totally recommend doing business with M - the bracelets were with me withing two days of my PayPal payment :-)