Friday, 25 January 2008


Thank you very much to AnnieB for nominating me for this amazing blogger award, it has brightened my mood no end on this dreary day. As a nominee, I have to list 7 weird things about myself, I wonder how I will be able to narrow it down. Here are my 7 weird things about me in no particular order

1. I'm allergic to brocolli. No its not an avoidence thing, ever since I had H I haven't been able to eat brocolli without becomming violently ill. Sage either, but apparently sage intolerence marks me as a witch.

2. I have a small round scar on my forehead from a chicken. No I didn't forget to add pox, I got pecked by a rooster on the farm I lived on as a child. Aside from being terrorized by a gander, and loathed by a billy goat. But thats another story.

3. I'm a compulsive organizer, I'm not altogether an OCD mental case but I have a bad habit of straitening things out, in shops, or at other peoples houses. What stupifies my husband is that I will organize and straigteh things out but avoid vacuuming the house.

4. I love the smell of book stores in the US. I would bottle it if I could, that mix of new books and coffee, and i can't describe how it smells different in the States than here but it does.

5. I hate Cadbury's chocolate, absolutely loath the stuff, M is addicted, but I'm a purist I only like real dark chocolate, green and blacks or M&S, cadburys turns my stomach. I especially despise the cream eggs blahh!

6. I am almost painfully shy and introverted, I'm better now then I used to be but I still find eye contact difficult to maintain at times.

7. I'm terrified of cable cars. M and I once got stuck on Silver Mountain , we had gone up the mountain for M to take pictures of the snow and then when we hopped on the gondala to go back down to drive home to my parents who were watching H (then all of 4 months old). The gondola stopped halfway down the mountain, they had shut it down for the night two hours early, we were in a valley very high in the air with no phone reception and it was getting dark very quickly. We used the flash on M's camera for light and kept switching M's phone on and off to check the time and to see if there was any signal. After a few hours and starting to feel the effects of the cold and pain from not having breast fed H for hours we turned on the phone and got a single bar of signal to call 911. The call went like this

911 operator: "Hello this is 911 please state your emergency."
M: "we are stuck on the cable cars on Silver Mountain"
911 operator: "What"
M: "We are stuck on Silver Mountain Cable Cars."
911: "Are you Serious?"
M and me: "YES!!"
M: "We are stuck on a cable car on Silver Mountain"
Five minutes later the cars started moving again and we were back on the ground not long after. I haven't been on a cable car or gondola since.

In turn I nominate 23beechhill , LucyKate and Dingle for all their efforts in the crafts blogging sphere.


Chimeraccg said...

Yay :-) from a very non amazing blogger ;-)

Adele said...

Oh wow!!!!! Thank you...don not feel very amazing though....I am shattered and not prepared at all for tomorrow!!

Thank you once again....thinking cap on!!!

Adele said...

LOL...can you tell I amtired!!

Unknown said...

Oh bless your cottons ! That's really sweet. I am very chuffed.

What do I do now ?

Lucykate Crafts... said...

whoo hoo!, thanks meri, i'm really touched you though of me!

now, i'm off to find where that lovely smell of pizza'a coming from

; )