Friday, 14 March 2008

Fire Opals and The Dark Side of the Force

carnelian, fire opal, and sterling silver bracelet

tourmilinated quartz, onyx and silver bracelet

H's Jedi Knight bracelet

A few Items I have been beading today, the tourmilinated quartz and onyx bracelet is my favourite. And I love the fire opal beads, I have used up all my clasps so I need to wait for some beads and Clasps that I ordered to arrive next week. I do have some more felt to play with and two boxes of yarn I have been ignoring, I really must get on ravelry again.


me: "Yes H."

H: after a long pause of gun and laser noises " will you make me a bracelet."

me: "What sort of bracelet? a blue one?"

H: "Um a Star Wars one. A Jedi Knight Bracelet." accompanied by light saber swooshing sound effects.

me: "What colour is a jedi knight bracelet?"

H: "Black... and um red. Red and Black are scary right?"

me: "Yes. Black and red can be scary. "

H: "Like baddies, like Darth Vader!" he then wandered off making battle noises and giving orders to invisible armies.

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Frizbe said...

Lol, feel the force mummy ;-)