Friday, 14 November 2008

The Thursday Night Project

smokey quartz bracelet

The Thursday Night project is an ongoing community crafting project through Crafteroo and
Flickr . The aim of the project is to photograph your work in progress and what you have finished for Thursday night. Its a great way to push yourself into finishing those few crafty things that you started and have been ignoring and setting aside for awhile.

smokey quartz and onyx pendant

I probably should have gotten more done last night than I did, but I had to help M book flights for visiting the states in the spring, and it took a lot longer to sort out than we had hoped. But its sorted now we fly from Heathrow to Seattle on the first of April, then the next morning (our Anniversary) we get to spend 6 hours driving across Washington State to get to my parents home in Idaho. I can't wait.

rose quartz and silver bracelet

The chunky faceted smokey quartz featured at the top of this blog post is one of those happy accidents, I ordered the beads because they were on offer, what I didn't pay attention to was how big they were, I knew they were rough, which is what I wanted and I have completely fallen in love with them and want to order more, as I hope I can sell a few pieces this weekend in order to buy more of these beads so I can justify keeping a bracelet for myself.. as it is I may just have to keep the pendant and wear that on Sunday as I set up and mind my jewellery an art stall. M says the beads look like something Betty Rubble or Wilma Flintstone might wear, but I think they are beautiful.


Unknown said...

M is a fool! (sorry M!) Those beads are fantastic, I really love them.

Chloe said...

Oh that smokey quartz bracelet and pendant is gorgeous. I love those beads.

Unknown said...

Love em ! and I love the music sheet background too - most effective x

Frizbe said...

Yay for your flights being booked :-) you've done better than my sil, who can't find a flight to Florida at Easter for business class, but they won't allow her ds as he's too young, barmy.