Sunday, 20 June 2010

little red suitcase

Today H woke us a little after 6am to shout Happy Father's Day to Matt, then run around finding all the cards he made and hid about the house this past week. After coffee (because before coffee I'm evil) I baked blueberry muffins for breakfast and we went up to Tansley Carboot for a wander around in the fresh air and look at an eclectic assortment of junk.

We wandered around for an hour, I found a book I wanted for 50p(Practical Demonkeeping ...because I don't have enough books) Matt and H found a brand new little science experiment kit for £1 (that cant go well) and H bought some geomag magnet toy for 50p (we don't have enough junk really). Matt treated himself to a bacon cob (because its Father's Day and I didn't have any bacon to fry this morning), and Harrison and I shared a hot dog. When I finished my bit of hot dog I left them to it and hightailed it down a few rows by myself and found this little red suitcase for £3. Its battered and scraped but it was such cheery red colour that I bought it and wandered off to find them swinging my new case along. I would have whistled but I'm a terrible whistler.

I brought the case home, wiped it down and have filled it with books, in part to counter the warping of the bottom of the case, but mostly they were on hand. And contrary to what Matt might say, I HAVE read some of the books in the case...just not all of them yet. I may store fabric in the case as I do in the little brown case but for now I'm happy its filled with books.

Now I must be off to tidy my craft desk, make cards, and possibly do some sewing before H pesters me to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 before I make Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken and rice for dinner.


Kirsty said...

That case is fab. I love it.

cupotea said...

Oooh I'm quite jealous of *both* your lovely cases!

Flame said...

love the look of the book AND the case

Ampersand Commodities said...

oohhh, great case. ive got a hot date with a boot fair this sunday, havn't been to one for a while some im looking forward to it! loving the plush youve been making at the moment too!